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Each kit includes everything you need (sans wire) to get you up and generating your own power for your rig.While 10/2 AWG wire will work perfectly fine for the short wiring runs inside most campers, I recommend 8/2 AWG wire to minimize current losses.2.Battery Monitor: A truck camper owner’s best friend is a high quality, digital battery monitor like a Xantrex Link Lite or one made by Trimetric.These “smart” meters take the guesswork out of the state of your batteries and selectively provide vital information to the owner like voltage, charge and discharge current, consumed amp hours, and remaining battery capacity.The Link Lite is also equipped with a cool, internal programmable alarm relay to run a generator when needed or to turn off devices when the battery voltage exceeds programmable boundaries.Another less desirable option if you’re going solar is to simply buy a charge controller with a battery meter built-in or one that can support a remote meter like the Morningstar RM-1.So, you just bought a truck camper and you’re basking in the glow of your new purchase.Your new, “home on wheels” has everything you need to live comfortably on the road: a warm bed, a refrigerator, hot-running water, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Now that you have a camper, it’s time to make it your own. These modifications can be minor things like adding a spice rack in the kitchen or some hat hooks next to the dinette.

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The sky’s the limit when it comes to modifying your rig.

There have been multiple times I have seen users running the repairs on a system running 140 processes and those programs interfered with the repairs, keeping them from even finishing.

Once those users did a clean boot the repairs finished without any problems and even finished faster since the system was under less of a load.

On slower systems, and when I user had a lot of programs open, it caused the repairs to start to slowly and so the program would think the repair is done and start the next repair, causing 2 or more repairs running at once.

The program can now tell and wait when a repair starts.

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