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Stories by popularity, i have no specific advice about how to rectify your situation, but glad know that.

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The album was successful in Korea as the first 10,000 copies of the album were sold out on the first day, and it even topped the non-Korean sales charts on the third week of July.

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Some people just leave their accounts up and don't check in, not fake, just inactive & I suspect they leave them there to keep their numbers looking better.

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People choose to marry or enter into committed relationships for a vast variety of reasons. I find it odd that we are having a discussion in 2018 that involves judging the mating choices of others. Their sexual market value is determined by other criteria. I know a lot of women who wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole based on what you've written here. I, myself, was not successful in my career until my early forties due to raising children and helping my then husband through his schooling. I just get on a plane and i'll be there within a day. Show's that what's locking you down is your own limited attitude. Ben, I think I can say with almost certainty is that perhaps it's not just your preference for women who don't work, but with your attitude, you probably couldn't attract a highly accomplished high-earning woman even if you stood on your head. And I'd say you're "covering up" for that huge inadequacy by pretending to prefer servile women and that with that approach, "you have it all". And THEN you complain that women only cost you money -- which would seem to be a necessary consequence of your first "requirement" that they stay home.

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